Friday, September 21, 2012

Open Hearted Living

Do you find yourself responding in habitual patterns? Do you feel like there is a wall around your heart that is preventing you from deeply connecting with your friends, family, partner?
 Come and join us for a weekend of healing, expansion and growth. The heart is longing to be wide open. Are you ready to open yourself up to being in the higher vibrations and help everyone in this process of ascension?

This weekend is designed to help you become free and enable you to choose your responses to people and situations.
This workshop is supported by Angels, Archangels and Spirits to allow us exploration and learning.
We will explore:
·        Living in peace, joy and calm even when things around us are not in the same energetic alignment
·        True Self
·        The Heart Cave
·        Manifesting desires
·        Opening the Heart
This workshop takes place on October 27-28 from 10am-6pm in my SE Portland home.
Workshop fee is $250.
Space is limited. To secure your spot register as soon as possible.
RSVP @ or call 503.754.6082 for more information.
Csilla Toth is an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and Shamanic Sound Healing practitioner. She is an intuitive healer/teacher and spiritual coach.