Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Angel Healing

I feel like it's been a very long time since I connected with you through my blog. I have to admit that I went through a huge learning and growth spurt. I attended classes that took me deeper into understanding the complexity of healing the soul, like the soul retrieval class, and at the same time I have been deepening my own practice and relationship with the angels and the archangels.  I have been practicing angel healing, getting better at listening and channeling messages from the angels.
Angel healings are very beautiful and powerful. The Angels' energy has a high vibration and depending on which archangel comes in it has a different color, too. Most of the time they relay messages to those that are receiving the healing, which helps to bring about a shift in behavior, emotions or thinking patterns. Their love and caring is palpable in these sessions.
Another way to receive messages from the angels is through reading. I use angel cards and listen to their messages for each person. You can ask specific questions and they will give you guidance that will serve the highest good. While I do the reading the client gets a healing too, as asking for a reading is also an invitation for a healing.
Recently, I started fusing Reiki with the angel energy and the results are just wonderful. While Reiki opens up the gates of the universal life force energy and works on removing blocks and low frequency energies from the body, it also allows the angel energy to come in in a stronger and deeper way. To me personally, it feels that Reiki works on the general well being and that the angel energy works on addressing the specific ailments in the physical, emotional or mental body.
Angels are so full of love for us and they are here for us. Just ask them to help you and they will. Don't forget that we have free will and the angels would never overstep it so you have to invite them to help you. When you ask, it is a signal for them to step in and help. So if you decide to call in their help you can say something like this:
"Thank you, my guardian angels for watching over me and my trip, and helping me get to my destination in a safe and timely fashion for the most benevolent outcome." or  "Angels and archangels, thank you for helping me get this job or something better." Play with the words, listen to your heart and soon you will find your own way of connecting to the angels. Have fun in the process.

Would you like to connect with angels? Angel healing and reading is available in person or distant. If you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment call 503.754.6082 or email