Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bear Time

I have a love - hate relationship with winter. It is beautiful and awesome watching the changes that happen in nature. Everyone and everything gets tucked in for the winter to sleep and dream...
This time of year I love to go inward to do a little inventory on what was and is working well in my life and see if there are things that need to be let go of, things that don't serve me any more and do a little clean up.
Sleeping Bear Under Stars | Circle Clip ArtThe part that I love the most during this time is slowing down cooped up in the warm house in front of the fire with a cup of hot joy, dreaming just like a bear in hibernation or meditating in the dark of the early morning; did I mention chocolate - chocolate has a special appeal to me during these cold months. It is just awesome to listen to the call of nature and let my body completely rest, preserving the energy for the future. Slowing down...
The part that I don't like is the cold and the expectation to be at full speed just like during the summer... So don't take offense if it takes me a while to get back to you or if I am not thrilled about two parties in a row...
This time of year, I am more into the Burning Bowl  ceremony - a ceremony where we let go of things that don't serve us any more and bring in the things that we want in our lives; Reiki that works as well as the Burning Bowl ceremony; good food and family.
This Winter - slow down, take some deep breaths, look around, check in with yourself and take good care.
Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Reiki Flow

Recently, I started wondering if ReikiFlow is the right name for my blog... I went back and forth, weighing the pros and cons; considering a few different names but at the end of the day I came back to ReikiFlow.
In this process, I thought about Reiki and what it means to me; how it feels when it starts flowing through my body, mind and aura; how it feels when it passes through me and enters someone else...
I love to feel the flow, be part of it and feel the gifts that it brings to me and others. I like that its not stagnant; that it always moves and changes. I love when it flows and feels gentle like my child's warm hand in my hand or when it comes like a flood - strong and clearing everything in its path.
Being a Reiki Master just makes that flow stronger and deeper. My connection to it grows and deepens every day.
It reminds me of the choices that I made once I connected to its powerful flow. I listened to it and it improved me and the quality of my life. It reminds me of this:

"If the boulders are moved,
Even a river will change its flow. 
Life is the flow of energy. It is the air that we breathe, the force that moves the weather, the force of all minds combined.
It keeps the rivers flowing, our hearts beating, and the sky blue. This flow of energy moves constantly according to the fixed points that exist at any given moment. Therefore, by manipulating the cardinal points of our lives, we can change the flow. The freedom to choose and to change belongs to us."
~ 365 Tao Daily Meditations
by Deng Ming-Dao 

Reiki is the creator's life force energy. It comes and flows through us, changing us for the better; aligning us more with our higher self and purpose.
I work and live with and in that flow so ReikiFlow it will be.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

Fall - the time to enjoy: the vivid colors of the leaves; the nippy air and the wind; the time to turn around and see the abundance of the world; the time to look inside and let go of things that don't serve us; the time to give thanks for the life, love and light all around us.
Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with gratitude. We consider the last year's journey, the beautiful things that came to us, the riches of the Earth that are given to us every single day, the beautiful beings that accompany us on our travels. At the holiday table, we give thanks. We give thanks to those around us, to the things that have immediate effect on us and it is just awesome - the purity of the heart and thought.
This year I invite you to broaden your horizon of gratitude. Take a look at the Iroquis Thanksgiving Address and try to incorporate some of their ideas into your own thanksgiving ceremony or speech.


"Ohenton Kariwahtekwen"



Today we have gathered and we see that the cycles of life continue. We have been given the duty to live in balance and harmony with each other and all living things. So now, we bring our minds together as one as we give greetings and thanks to each other as people.

Now our minds are one.


We are all thankful to our Mother, the Earth, for she gives us all that we need for life. She supports our feet as we walk about upon her. It gives us joy that she continues to care for us as she has from the beginning of time. To our mother, we send greetings and thanks.

Now our minds are one.


We give thanks to all the waters of the world for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. Water is life. We know its power in many forms-waterfalls and rain, mists and streams, rivers and oceans. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the spirit of Water.

Now our minds are one.


We turn our minds to the all the Fish life in the water. They were instructed to cleanse and purify the water. They also give themselves to us as food. We are grateful that we can still find pure water. So, we turn now to the Fish and send our greetings and thanks.

Now our minds are one.


Now we turn toward the vast fields of Plant life. As far as the eye can see, the Plants grow, working many wonders. They sustain many life forms. With our minds gathered together, we give thanks and look forward to seeing Plant life for many generations to come.

Now our minds are one.


With one mind, we turn to honor and thank all the Food Plants we harvest from the garden. Since the beginning of time, the grains, vegetables, beans and berries have helped the people survive. Many other living things draw strength from them too. We gather all the Plant Foods together as one and send them a greeting of thanks.

Now our minds are one.


Now we turn to all the Medicine herbs of the world. From the beginning they were instructed to take away sickness. They are always waiting and ready to heal us. We are happy there are still among us those special few who remember how to use these plants for healing. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the Medicines and to the keepers of the Medicines.

Now our minds are one.


We gather our minds together to send greetings and thanks to all the Animal life in the world. They have many things to teach us as people. We are honored by them when they give up their lives so we may use their bodies as food for our people. We see them near our homes and in the deep forests. We are glad they are still here and we hope that it will always be so.

Now our minds are one.


We now turn our thoughts to the Trees. The Earth has many families of Trees who have their own instructions and uses. Some provide us with shelter and shade, others with fruit, beauty and other useful things. Many people of the world use a Tree as a symbol of peace and strength. With one mind, we greet and thank the Tree life.

Now our minds are one.


We put our minds together as one and thank all the Birds who move and fly about over our heads. The Creator gave them beautiful songs. Each day they remind us to enjoy and appreciate life. The Eagle was chosen to be their leader. To all the Birds-from the smallest to the largest-we send our joyful greetings and thanks.

Now our minds are one.


We are all thankful to the powers we know as the Four Winds. We hear their voices in the moving air as they refresh us and purify the air we breathe. They help us to bring the change of seasons. From the four directions they come, bringing us messages and giving us strength. With one mind, we send our greetings and thanks to the Four Winds.

Now our minds are one.


Now we turn to the west where our grandfathers, the Thunder Beings, live. With lightning and thundering voices, they bring with them the water that renews life. We are thankful that they keep those evil things made by Okwiseres underground. We bring our minds together as one to send greetings and thanks to our Grandfathers, the Thunderers.

Now our minds are one.


We now send greetings and thanks to our eldest Brother, the Sun. Each day without fail he travels the sky from east to west, bringing the light of a new day. He is the source of all the fires of life. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to our Brother, the Sun.

Now our minds are one.


We put our minds together to give thanks to our oldest Grandmother, the Moon, who lights the night-time sky. She is the leader of woman all over the world, and she governs the movement of the ocean tides. By her changing face we measure time, and it is the Moon who watches over the arrival of children here on Earth. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to our Grandmother, the Moon.

Now our minds are one.


We give thanks to the Stars who are spread across the sky like jewelry. We see them in the night, helping the Moon to light the darkness and bringing dew to the gardens and growing things. When we travel at night, they guide us home. With our minds gathered together as one, we send greetings and thanks to the Stars.

Now our minds are one.


We gather our minds to greet and thank the enlightened Teachers who have come to help throughout the ages. When we forget how to live in harmony, they remind us of the way we were instructed to live as people. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to these caring teachers.

Now our minds are one.


Now we turn our thoughts to the creator, or Great Spirit, and send greetings and thanks for all the gifts of Creation. Everything we need to live a good life is here on this Mother Earth. For all the love that is still around us, we gather our minds together as one and send our choicest words of greetings and thanks to the Creator.

Now our minds are one.


We have now arrived at the place where we end our words. Of all the things we have named, it was not our intention to leave anything out. If something was forgotten, we leave it to each individual to send such greetings and thanks in their own way.

Now our minds are one.*
*As found on the

I give great thanks to all of you!  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011


Before I started practicing Reiki, I realized that I was angry a lot. Yes, I could have blamed it on my bad experience at work, frustration caused by inability to find a different more suitable job or a dozen other different excuses. But I didn't; I blamed myself. In my world anger was evil, bringing hurt to everyone around me and it generally didn't serve me one bit.
I noticed how the anger would slowly creep up and take over my reactions. Too often I would struggle in the battle with it, wanting to stay in control and not let the anger out. I didn't want that poison in my veins. I wanted to be free..
After getting my first attunements, I set out on a journey. I was ready to let go of the anger and my old beliefs connected with it. I worked hard - Reiki self treatments, burning bowl ceremony, soul retrieval and some more Reiki treatments.
There was a shift, a big shift. I felt peace; ease; calm when I would expect a hurricane. On a deep level I felt free...
Then suddenly, after a few months of bliss, I snapped and felt horrible. I thought that I failed in my quest but then I read this:

           On the train to Brindavan a Swami sits beside a common man who asks him if indeed he has attained self-mastery, as the name "Swami" implies.
"I have," says the Swami. 
"And have you mastered anger?"
"I have."
 "Do you mean to say that you have mastered anger?"
"I have." 
"You mean you can control your anger?"
"I can." 
"And you do not feel anger?"
"I do not."
"Is this the truth Swami?"
"It is."
After a silence the man asks again, "Do you really feel that you have controlled your anger?" 
"I have told you," the Swami answers.
"then do you mean to say, you never feel anger, even-"
"You are going on and on - what do you want?" the Swami shouts.
"Are you a fool? When I have told you-"
"O, Swami, this is anger. You have not mas-"
   "Ah, but I have," the Swami interrupts. "have you not heard about the abused snake? Let me tell you the story.
On a path that went by a village in Bengal there lived a cobra who used to bite people on their way to worship at the temple there. As the incidents increased, everyone became fearful, and many refused to go to the temple. The Swami who was the master at the temple was aware of the problem and took it up on himself to put an end to it. Taking himself to where the snake dwelt, he used a mantram to call the snake to him and bring it into submission. The Swami then said to the snake that it is wrong to bite the people who walked along the path to worship and made him promise sincerely that he would never do it again. Soon it happened that the snake was seen by a passer-by upon the path and it made no move to bite. Then it became known that the snake had somehow been made passive, and people grew unafraid. It was not long before the village boys were dragging the poor snake along behind them as they ran laughing here and there. When the temple Swami passed that way again he called the snake to see if he had kept his promise -"...
"The snake humbly and miserably approached the Swami, who exclaimed, 'You are bleeding! Tell me how this has come to be.' The snake was near tears and blurted out that he had been abused ever since he was caused to make his promise to Swami. 'I told you not to bite,' said the Swami, 'but I did not tell you not to hiss!'"
~Rolling Thunder: a personal exploration into the
secret healing powers of an American Indian medicine man
By Doug Boyd
It is OK to hiss! So now and then I hiss without feeling guilty, without feeling like I am doing the worst thing in the world. The anger's role is to remind me of things that are happening around me and in me that are not in the alignment with who I am. It reminds me that I have to change things, set boundaries and state them not just to myself but to the whole world.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Experience Distant Reiki

As a gift from the Northwest Reiki Association comes this five minute distant Reiki session. Just sit back, click on this link and enjoy!
I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization and I am thankful to the members who made this video possible.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Reiki Heals Intolerance

Today, I read something that deeply disturbed me. It was about someone's views that were hurtful to a whole group of people. I can't stand injustice so I got into a discussion. Down in the bottom of my heart I hoped that maybe some shift will happen in the person...
While I was debating about it, I felt emotionally charged. I felt like I needed Reiki to ground me, to shift and guide me. I kept asking myself why am I still doing this?
After a short mediation and self Reiki, I saw that while I am open and tolerant to different life styles and beliefs that I should be more tolerant and kind to those who are still not awake even though their beliefs can be unjust and hurtful to a whole population. It was pretty clear that I was intolerant toward that person and that I needed to heal. Lesson accepted.
I saw that standing up and voicing my opinion against intolerance is helpful and contributes to the shift of conscientiousness. I saw that sending Reiki to the universe with the intention of healing intolerance and hatred is very helpful and will bring that wakeful state to Earth.
In the bottom line, does it matter what color someones skin is or what is their sexual orientation if they live in love, peace and harmony with nature and humanity? No it doesn't.
Peace on Earth. If we live in peace, we live in love, tolerance and joy. Reiki helped me ground myself, find inner peace and forgive both of us...
William Lee Rand, the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training started the World Peace Project. He set up Reiki crystal grids in three spots, we send Reiki to them and then they work on promoting peace in the world. If you are interested and would like to know more about this project please visit 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Silver disk: Let me call you goddess -
You, with your mirrored face.
Tonight, of all nights, your shape is perfect,
Your presence sublime.
You know it too. You appear before the sun has even set,
Glorious without your cloak of night,
Gazing down in supreme splendor,
To make this dusty world pastoral.

Tonight is the harvest moon. The queen of night is at her most perfect roundness, closer to us than at any other time of the year. She glows silver in an indigo sky.
People celebrate this night for many reasons. For some, it is the time to enjoy the view of the moon, and they toast it with sweets, wine, and tea. For others, it is time of relaxation and thanksgiving for the harvest.
The Moon Festival is a woman's festival, their time to worship. The harvest moon symbolizes the ascendancy of cool darkness over the bright heat of summer. This reminds us of equality in the cosmos: light and dark, male and female, heat and frost, hard and soft - all these things are part of an overall equilibrium.
If you are a woman, then tonight is your night for worship and celebration. If you are a man, then it is a night to step aside and give your wives, mothers, and sisters their privacy. But for all, we can be thankful for the riches of autumn and begin our preparations for the coming frost.
~365 Tao Daily Meditations
By Deng Ming-Dao

In the past few weeks, I started preparing for the Reiki Master workshop. Just like the autumn harvest, it feels to me like I am harvesting my past experiences as a practitioner and getting ready for the inward movement - introspection, letting go of things that don't serve me and opening up for the new. I feel like celebrating the successes and giving thanks to the riches that were showered upon me, us; and being grateful for the obstacles and hardships as they provided the big learning lessons and personal growth. 
Now, I am ready for the next big step; the responsibilities, fun, healing, learning and opening up to the magic of life...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When a new baby is born among the Six Nations of
the Iroquois Confederacy, the Clan Mothers welcome 
the newborn by saying: "Thank you for coming to 
our village; we hope you will stay with us."
- Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife from Akwesasne and a research
fellow in the American Indian Program at Cornell University
in Ithaca, New York*

What a beautiful way to welcome a baby to this world, to this community, to this family.
Sometimes we forget the bigger picture. We tend to focus on our immediate family,  our basic unit. There is nothing wrong with that... the difference is in the welcome. We welcome our baby to our family, to our lives.
When using Reiki with newborns, Reiki broadens that welcome, it brings in the loving energy of the Universe, of Mother Earth, the community and the love of the family. This deeper experience of welcome and security makes the baby feel safe. Even if your baby is premature, it is safe to use Reiki because Reki can never cause harm and it always goes where it is needed the most and it doesn't interact with any medical or other alternative treatment.
Reiki can help babies in different ways. It can help with sleep, developing and establishing healthy sleep patterns. It can help with colic and teething pain. Reiki can speed up recovery, healing and it can improve well being. Babies that receive Reiki are more alert and tend to be calmer and more relaxed.
The nice thing about Reiki is that your baby will never leave your arms to receive it and generally they need less time for healing because they are energetically still very clear and open to receiving. Usually the treatment lasts between 15 - 30 minutes sometimes a little longer; it always depends on the baby.
Babies like Reiki! Reiki nurtures and makes them feel safe in this big, wide world!

Ho! Ye Sun, Moon, Stars,
all ye that move in the
I bid you hear me!
Into our midst has come
a new life.
Consent ye, I implore!
Make its path smooth,
that it may reach the brow
of the first hill!
- Omaha prayer for infants*

* American Indian Healing Arts
by E.Barrie Kavasch and
Karen Baar

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pregnancy and Reiki

Pregnancy can be beautiful. The body changes, the mind, the thoughts. A new life grows in the womb and the glow of that life just shines through the body letting everyone know that its on the way.
Sometimes it can be hard on the body, causing aches and pains, nausea or it affects the psyche.
While pregnant some of the traditional medicines and some herbs are out of the reach because they might harm the baby.

The use of Reiki is safe during all stages of pregnancy. During pregnancy Reiki can be used to reduce anxiety, nausea, pain, improve sleep and help heal faster from cold, flu or other illnesses. Reiki can also, provide relief to the growing and changing body addressing the lower back pain and tension in the neck and shoulders.

In the last days of the pregnancy, Reiki can be used as a way to create the emotional harmony necessary to start labor and welcome baby as described in the Mothering

During labor, Reiki can be used to control and lessen pain. It can ease muscular tension, aid relaxation and energy conservation, Reiki can help mom to focus on breathing and it can create a peaceful atmosphere for mom and baby.

When it comes to the post-partum period, Reiki can help with reducing the emotional roller coaster caused by the changing levels of hormones in the mothers body. It helps the body recover faster from the labor or c-section. Also nurturing the mother with Reiki helps her nurture the baby and affirms the importance of self care as she steps into her new role.

There are reports showing that the babies who received Reiki throughout the pregnancy and as newborns are better adjusted, more responsive and less prone to colic. Reiki balances the energy field and calms the baby.

Pregnancy is a gift and Reiki can make it even more beautiful!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


For a thousand years 
The jagged stone tumbled down the river
Toward the cold blue sea.

I continue. I walk the beaches and the sheer edges of rock by mountain streams. I sit in the shade of trees older than my dreams. Today a particular stone, granite-shaped like an egg, beckons to me. I want it for its history. I want it for its antiquity. I want it because of the unimaginable time it must have taken to arrive here, on the river bank, so close to the ocean. I want it because, being an egg-like stone, it reminds me of Mother Earth, of continuance, and of hope. I keep it for remembrance and for courage. I keep it to remind myself to continue.
~ Finding Stone
By Christin Lore Weber

Today, I am a stone, waiting for something that will shape me... I feel restless - that is the difference between us. I am not as graceful in waiting as a stone is. I should try and be more graceful. 
I know - Reiki can help me! It is so easy to forget that I have this perfect tool to help me with my feelings and the uncontrollable mind chatter. All I need to do is let it flow through me, relaxing me, guiding me to the place where I can wait gracefully for the growth and change.


Friday, August 12, 2011


The sun rose and set today in twelve hours.
We plucked golden pears from arching branches.
Climbing a thousand steps to a rustic temple,
We made our offerings to the gods.

At nightfall, we sat in warm companionship.
A crescent moon joined our circle.
Dipping water from the silver-braided stream,
We set it bubbling in an earth ware pot.

It's not easy to brew good tea,
But this teapot has a venerable history:
A scholar once pawned all his books for it.
Now it imparts the flavor of antiquity.

Autumn equinox is the time to reflect upon life. If we have enjoyed a bountiful harvest, we express our thanks. If the year has been difficult so far, then we are happy for what we do have and resolve to do better once the chance comes. The appreciation of life does not require wealth or plenty. It requires only gratitude for the beauty of the world.
- 365 Tao Daily Meditations
By Deng Ming Dao

I have been practicing the art of appreciation and gratitude for years now and usually I would tend to be grateful for all the beautiful things that happened but also I would be grateful for all the hard lessons that I needed to learn.
Recently, after spending a week camping with a bunch of wonderful people, I realized that appreciation has so much more power than gratitude... I can appreciate everything without the need to be emotionally involved in it. I can appreciate an artist without loving his/her work because I can appreciate the talent that this person brings to this world... Also I realized that while feeling appreciation, I feel energetically high!
Let's appreciate!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The power of the world always works in circles, and
everything tries to be round....Even the seasons
form a great circle in their changing, and always
come back again to where they were. The life of a
man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so 
it is in everything where power moves.
- Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

Friday, July 22, 2011

Walking On Fire

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Firewalk ceremony. The thought of it came and went out of my mind just like a breeze on a nice summer day. Then last week it got stuck in my head and I decided to check out the website and see what a Firewalk is all about.
To my pleasant surprise, I learned that the Firewalk ceremony consists of three different ceremonies.
The first ceremony is the Gratitude ceremony in which you express gratitude to God, Great Spirit, Universe, Life Force for all the gifts that it showers on you every day.  
The second ceremony is the Talisman ceremony in which you throw your talisman in the fire and send your prayers through the smoke up to the Universe.
The third one is the Firewalking ceremony in which you walk across hot coals. Hmm, well...I don't think so.
I found the first two ceremonies interesting and I was curious and willing to participate in them but when it came to the Firewalk I thought to myself no thank you, I will just watch....
Saturday came and I was ready for it, I mean I was ready for the Gratitude ceremony with my prayer ties and for the Talisman ceremony with the talisman that I made myself. Still, I felt really nervous....
I got to the land and pretty soon we started building the fire. We placed our gratitude offerings in it. The fire was beautiful, big and hot, powerful. We sat around it in quiet and peace.
The Talisman ceremony was empowering and liberating. I threw my talisman and with it my fears and dreams in the fire. Fears are supposed to leave me and the dreams are supposed to come easily in my life.
We feasted and chatted while we were waiting for the fire to burn down and leave us with some nice hot coals for walking. At that time, I was still determined that I would just watch them all cross but then Karen Hefner, the leader of the ceremony said that we should all come up to the fire and ask if it is time for us to walk. After a few people walked on the coals without hurting themselves I decided to step up and ask the fire if I should walk. I did but the answer I felt was no. I felt relieved. So I was standing there cheering for all of those who crossed when suddenly I felt this push to go and I did.
I put my first foot on the coals and was expecting heat but no, it was barley warm. I put my other foot on the coals, nothing, no burns, no heat... I crossed. My mind couldn't believe it. It just couldn't believe that something that was supposed to be so hot was not even warm.
It was amazing! I felt high...
I still couldn't believe that I did it!
When I got home and took of my shoes and socks there was the only visible evidence of my experience - my sooty black feet...
In the next few days, I still felt the power of the ceremony, especially the release of things that didn't serve me any more. It was intense but it was what I prayed for.
In my eyes, this experience justified one more time that there is so much more to life than our five senses and science....

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The more you cultivate,
The more you accomplish.
Why doubt?
When distance separates you from others,
They cannot overtake you.

       In the beginning of training, it may seem as if you are doing very little. You compare yourself to your teachers and to more accomplished people, and you may despair at ever reaching their levels. But if you are diligent, then it is inevitable that you will make something of yourself. Once you reach such a plateau, you will be able to relax a bit and contemplate where you are on your journey.
      One of the most refreshing things to realize is that you now have something that no one can take away from you. Spirituality is yours to keep, yours to touch. No one else can gain access to it, yet this precious accomplishment can sustain and guide you. It will give you increased health, and it will give you knowledge that you could not gain through normal means. Once you tap into this source, you have gained a foot-hold on the spiritual path.
      Uncertainty will not plague you. Who can argue with you? You have seen it yourself. So once you have reached this milestone on your journey, it is proper to rejoice a little, indulge in a little contentment. Then take up the journey once again.
365 Tao Daily Meditations
~ by Deng Ming-Dao

 On my journey as a Reiki practitioner,  I devote a lot of time to work with the energies, go deeper in experiencing the effects of Reiki and find ways to be more effective as a healer. Most of the time, I get lost in the work instead of stopping and enjoying the results of my growth. That's the reason why I love this book so much and this passage - it is such a great reminder to stop, reflect and enjoy the fruit of my work; and start my journey again when I am refuelled and strong enough for new endeavors.

Friday, July 8, 2011

If you talk with the animals they will talk with you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk with them, you will not know them.
And what you do not know you will fear.
What one fears, one destroys.
~ Chief Dan George

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trapped Emotions

Emotions shape our life. Sometimes we are up so high, sometimes we are down and sometimes our day is an emotional roller coaster.
Emotions are vibrations of energy. Our positive emotions like love, joy, happiness have high vibrations and the effect of those high vibrations are the reason why they feel so good. When we hold up this kind of energy we are healthy, our body and mind work like a well oiled machine. But when we feel stressed out, angry, fearful or anxious we bring down our vibrations to match the low frequency of these emotions. If these states last long enough we might see that our body will be more prone to illness or allergies can develop.
At times when we feel these negative emotions very strongly they can get trapped in our body too. They get trapped because in that point of time we are not able to process them and let go of them so they get lodged in a certain area of the body. It can happen anywhere but usually they get trapped where our immune system is weaker.
Usually, none of us are aware that we have trapped emotions. So we go on for years with it and that trapped emotion emanates its low vibrations in our body and eventually it will start causing health issues.
The good news is, Dr. Bradley Nelson developed a way of releasing those trapped emotions. He describes the whole process and how you can do it in his book The Emotion Code also you can check it out at He had great results with it.
I tried it and have to say that it works. After releasing one or more emotions at a time, I felt that in the next few days I was going through a period of adjustment. Also I felt like those released emotions didn't have as strong hold on me on the psychological level. I felt better on so many levels.
I encourage you to try it. You  can do it yourself or  if you are short on time you can always call me.
It's healthy, it's fun and you can learn more about yourself.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Everybody has secrets...Reiki practitioners have secrets too. 
Reiki symbols.
Reiki symbols are sacred and they are supposed to be kept confidential. The symbols add to the strength and versatility of the Reiki energy. To use the symbols you have to be attuned to them.
Some of the symbols are: The Power Symbol, The Mental/Emotional Symbol and The Distant Healing Symbol.
The Power Symbol calls on the higher power to heal. It is used to increase the power of Reiki or to focus Reiki on specific location. Also, it is used to seal the space around a person to prevent the healing energies from leaking away. The power symbol can be used to clear the room from energies that are not beneficial. 
The Mental/Emotional Symbol is used in emotional and mental healing. It balances the left and the right sides of the brain. This way it can bring peace and harmony. It is very useful for healing relationship problems. It can also be used to heal addictions as well as problems with weight loss or smoking. The mental/emotional symbol  can be used to improve memory.
The Distant Healing Symbol is used to send Reiki to others at distance. It can also be used to bridge time and send Reiki to future or to the past. This way you can empower yourself for important events or you can treat past traumas.
Now you know the little tricks we have up in our sleeves.

                                             Modern Reiki Symbol                                                                                                             

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Are You Thinking About?

It's all in our head, in our mind. What we think is what we get. The law of attraction is always working.
The universe sends us what we ask for even when we are not conscious of it. So when we find that our thoughts are not serving us well we should change them.
Sometimes we can't break out of the negative cycle but there are solutions - MANTRAS.
A mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or a group of words that is considered capable of "creating transformation". Today their use is widespread and they are not connected only to Eastern traditions and religions.
First you should find yourself a mantra that is representing what you want to bring in your life. Write it on sticky notes and put them where you will see them quite often because they will be your reminder to stop and check in on your thoughts. Put them on the dashboard, on the refrigerator, in the bathroom.
Next time you are in a traffic jam or somebody cuts you off or you hear something unpleasant, instead of getting frustrated, angry or irritated you can start repeating your mantra.
Here are some of my favorite ones.

Tibetan Mantra:
          May I be filled with loving kindness,
          May I be well,
          May I be peaceful and at ease.
          May I be happy.

I am whole. I am happy. My life reflects the splendor of universe.

I am success; I am unlimited.

Divine love is doing its perfect work in me and through me now.

I am divinely led to say the right thing, at the right time. All doors are open to me now, professionally, and emotionally.

I am prosperous now in love and money.

I call unto my self only divine solutions.

The universe responds to me and I create my heart''s desires.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for the divine love in our family; we all treat each other with integrity and respect.

I challenge you to choose or compose your own mantra; do it for a few weeks and check if it will change the state of your well being.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Can Reiki Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss...requires lots of discipline. Paying attention to what, when and how much to eat. Staying a little bit hungry until the body learns how to operate on smaller amounts than it is used to.
Changing eating habits is hard. All the attention, planning and energy that goes into it!
As Reiki is a form of energy work and its purpose is to balance the energy flow in the body, it may be able to help with the weight loss.
It can stabilize the appetite and make you more aware of your nutritional needs. Also it can help you make better, healthier choices and it can help with removing unhealthy cravings.
Several session of Reiki might completely change your eating habits and it can help with the will power, too. Reiki can help take the stress out of making these changes.
Reiki is a wonderful support while you start on the path of weight loss but implementing yoga, running, aerobics, long walks or other kinds of exercise at least three times a week are of great importance to achieving the healthy balance.
Reiki can help whether your weight problems stem from a physical or a psychological problem because Reiki always helps you move towards health.
Yes, Reiki can help you with weight loss. Sometimes the results will be subtle and sometimes they will be very obvious. Bottom line, all that matters is that you feel good about yourself and Reiki is really good at that.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Animals love Reiki

We love pets! They are a part of our family. We grow together, we share our happiness and sadness, good and bad, we take care of them. Like us they get older, develop illnesses, aches and pains, they get stressed out. Their life force energy can get obstructed just like ours.
Reiki can help and it would never harm your pet. Reiki is a healing energy.
If your pet has behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity Reiki can relax and reduce the stress and anxiety. Or if the pet suffers from emotional problems, Reiki can release and heal those emotions. In case of sickness or injury, it can help your pet heal more quickly. If your pet has a serious illness  the least it would do is bring comfort. Reiki is a great compliment to any medical treatment.

Because Reiki is a gentle and loving energy your pet would love it. They love it whether you are right next to them or doing distance healing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stressed Out?

We get up, make breakfast, realize that there are only couple of minutes left before we have to go so we throw everything in the car and dash off. At work the meetings take longer than we thought, the deadline for a project is looming around the corner, we think about picking up our children, helping with homework, deciding what to have for dinner, preparing the lunch boxes, the list can go forever...
Suddenly there is a little bit of time to relax but we can't because our shoulders are so tight, this overwhelming feeling of go go go just won't let us take some deep breaths and we act like a tiger in a cage - pacing around and around waiting for something to happen. Welcome. You have arrived at the state of "fight and flight". The longer we stay in this state the more impact it has on our body and mind. And this prolonged "fight and flight" state the doctors call stress.
The 5 principles of Reiki are a good foundation for living a stress free life as is a regular Reiki treatment. But to give you some tools to combat stress here are the Reiki principles:

     1. Just For Today Do Not Anger.
     2. Just For Today Do Not Worry.
     3. Just For Today Be Kind.
     4. Just For Today Be Grateful.
     5. Just For Today Do Your Best.
Pretty simple yet so powerful. They eliminate the negativity and bring out the best in us.
Reiki treatment is one of the best things for releasing stress. I find it very relaxing, I don't have to do anything just make myself comfortable, close my eyes, breathe and stay still. It is amazing to me how peaceful, relaxed and happy I feel after a treatment.
Try it  - it's like acupuncture but without needles.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop Smoking

At some point in time, most of us had to face how hard it was to stop smoking. All the different approaches, patches, friends and family support - all this to stop an addiction. And just when you thought that smoking was part of the past something happens and you find yourself buying a new pack of smokes or it is just too hard to withstand the call.
Reiki can help. It's not a miraculous cure, it's hard work but it works.
The way Reiki can help you is that it works on your mind and attitude. Using the psychological sign the practitioner can work on you in a way that will be gentle yet effective. In this manner Reiki helps you change your attitude towards smoking; helps you choose a healthy alternative to it; your interest shifts. It depends on you too, you have to want the change, you have to put in some work too. That is the reason why I say that it is hard work.
All you have to do is really really want the change and with Reiki it will happen.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reiki & Pain

At one point in time, all of us experience pain. From tooth ache and back pain to headaches or chronic pain...
Just as I finished my Reiki workshop I had to go and have my wisdom tooth pulled. My Reiki teacher told me that I could use Reiki to diminish the pain and speed up the recovery. She also told me that I could send Reiki into the future to the time when I will be needing it and that it will help.
Well, I was skeptical but decided to try it - I didn't have anything to lose. A few days before the surgery - I sent Reiki to wait for me. I was surprised by the effects. A few hours after I lost my tooth, I didn't have any pain... I loved it.
But there are other stories, too. Some of the hospitals are starting to use volunteer Reiki practitioners to give Reiki to cancer patients while in chemotherapy. The patients are reporting immediate relief from pain, nausea and other side effects of chemotherapy. St.Charles Hospital in Bend is one of the leading hospitals in Oregon using Reiki treatments for cancer patients. Here in Portland, through partnership with Northwest Reiki Association and Northwest Cancer Specialists there are six clinics providing Reiki sessions with cancer patients while in treatment.
It is amazing that we have something so powerful to help us! Something that doesn't have bad side effects and that doesn't interact with other medicines. It is totally safe. I am so thankful for Reiki as a way to improve the quality of life for myself and others.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Toxic Thoughts?

We all think about Japan these days. We pray for them, we send Reiki to them in hope that it will help the people and nature that were struck with the disaster.
But do we stop and consider what are our thoughts when we think of the Japenese people? A lot of the time our first responses when we hear of natural disasters are fear, sadness for the people in trouble and thinking about their pain and loss. We never think about the possibility that these kinds of thoughts can hurt those people even more. Those thoughts are toxic. They have low vibration and they bring down the energy field of those who are already suffering.
I am not saying that we shouldn't feel sad and compassionate;  I am saying that we should become more aware of our thoughts and change the energy behind those that would drag others down.
All we want is to help them, to lift them up and our thoughts can do that.
For example, when I think about the suffering people in Japan I think of them as strong survivors who are going to heal and thrive. When I think this way I send them positive energy and I lift the vibration of their energy field. The higher vibration of the energy field the faster the healing occurs.
So lets stop for a second and think about our learned thought patterns and if they don't serve us and others - change them. This way you make a big difference for all of us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Distance Healing

One thing I love about Reiki is that you don't have to be in the same room, country or continent with your patient. You don't even have to know what that person looks like. All you need is their name and if possible the area that they would like you to work on.
Still you get the same results as if you were laying on my Reiki table. Fabulous!
During the distant healing session as I work with my patient my hands tell me where they want to go addressing the areas that are in need of extra energy and healing. Some areas need more time and some less depending on how depleted they are.
It is amazing that the sensations in my hands are the same as when doing in person treatment.
When I do distant healing, I like to do it late at night just to make sure that the patient is relaxed and opened to the healing energy. But it can be done whenever they have an hour or so to lay down and relax. 
For me as a practitioner it is very valuable. I can reach out to many people in need this way. I can reach out to animals and plants in need of healing and it gives me satisfaction to know that I am serving the greater good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healing Children with Reiki

As a mother of two active boys, I hear a lot of: "Mommy, I hurt my head. Reiki me." or "Mommy my tummy hurts. Can you Reiki me?"
Healing children is more active then working with adults. Even when they are hurt they move their body. The easiest way to treat them is surrendering to them and following them around the house. A follow up with distant Reiki session is a must. The follow up can last a longer or shorter time depending on the child's need.
There are times when they just relax and fall asleep then I can immerse them in the Reiki light.
The impact of Reiki can be very profound and immediately visible. Sometimes it takes only a half hour to shift baby's energy field in the desired direction and sometimes it takes much longer. We are all different.
Children's sensitivity to the energies are superior to those of an adult. They still feel and see the connection between our bodies and light.   
I strongly recommend Reiki for children. They enjoy it, it's not scary like going to the doctor's office and the best of all there are no bad side effects to it.
Of course visit to the doctor can be necessary and Reiki has it place as a support too.
Teething doesn't have to be so painful; sleepless nights don't have to be an everyday reality....Reiki can help...