Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Soul Retrieval

Shamanism is an ancient way of healing that has been around for centuries in most indigenous cultures across the globe. Shamanic belief is that human beings are souls having a human experience and that if you care for the soul in a proper way through soul retrieval that the healing can then manifest in the physical, mental and emotional body of a person. In shamanism it is believed that we are all energy and that our bodies are high vibrational systems and that any time a low vibrational energy enters in to the system it causes dis-harmony and dis-ease. It is also believed that if you are whole you are healthy.

As a tàltos, I have received lots of information and guidance about soul retrieval, and how to bring back the lost pieces.

Imagine the soul like a huge jigsaw puzzle and we are born with all the pieces intact. Throughout our life, as we experience stressful and traumatic events, big changes, loss of a loved one, arguments - we lose some of those soul pieces. This way, as time passes by, empty space is created in our soul. 
Universe doesn't likes holes or empty spaces so it wants to fill in those empty spots in the soul. Now your empty space starts attracting energies that are around you and most often those are lower frequency energies that cause disharmony in the energy system, and that disharmony will cause illness to show up in the body.

The signs of soul loss are:
  • Anything chronic - depression, fatigue, misfortune, faulty relationships, suicidal thoughts
  • Addictions - alcohol, drugs, food
  • Operations or difficulty to recover from surgery
  • Major illness
  • Not feeling connected to body or reality
  • Feelings of unworthiness, shame or guilt
  • Repetitive sicknesses, flue, colds
  • Not feeling one's personal power
In our society, we all need a soul retrievals because were not taught how to properly care for our souls, our soul energy. Soul retrieval is just one of the ways we can care for it, and it is a powerful way!

Once you make the commitment to the soul retrieval you will start noticing thoughts and issues that need to be addressed to bring you the highest good. You might encounter people who trigger your memories, emotions, beliefs. You might receive guidance through your dreams. The soul retrieval ceremony starts the moment you commit to it.

In the soul retrieval ceremony, I travel with my guides into the energetic reality to retrieve the soul essences and blow them back into the client, making him/her whole/fuller again. 

This ceremony is not once in a life time event. As we grow, heal, our guides will nudge us to have another one because we are like a cup - we can be full, we can be spilled, we can be almost empty...

This is a big, life changing ceremony. I have been practicing and learning - for years now - the ways my guides work with me so that we can bring the most potent healing for everyone.

I am very excited to be able to offer this healing ceremony and look forward to helping you become healthier and more whole than before.

Here is a short video about soul retrieval for you.