Monday, September 25, 2017

Journey with Goddesses - Circle

The Moon Goddess

Join the Circle and sit with the Goddesses. Each week, for 9 weeks, we will invite one of the Goddesses to lead the circle. We will ask her to show us the dark side of her and the light side, inviting: healing, acceptance, and beauty of all that we are, who we are.

In this Circle, we will:

  • Learn about each Goddess;
  • Invite ourselves to look at our own shadows and how we act/react to it;
  • Learn how to harness the power of our shadow;
  • Invite healing into the places that need love and care, allow the wounds to heal/shift;
  • Experience mini soul retrieval, and
  • Listen to our soul.

This Circle is dictated by the conversions between the Goddesses and the Circle, me being the ear of the Circle, and requires flexibility and ability to flow with the information received. What I can promise you is that for 9 weeks you will receive two email prompts each week with powerful guided meditations, journaling prompts, and anything else that our guides want us to work on. I can promise to listen to your needs and work on supporting you. The depth of work and connection with the Goddesses depends on you. Are you in?

We will have a  secret Facebook group for those who would like to connect and share in between circles. I will also share live video content on the group page

We will start on October 5th, with a welcome email from the great Athena, she has been my guide for the last three years. We will cast the circle and dive deep on October 9th. To sign up email me at and I will send you an invoice.

Looking forward to sitting in the circle with you! And we sit in the circle because we are all equal, and we are both the teacher and student at the same time. In circle we are sisters that recognize, see and celebrate each other. We are each others cheerleaders. 

Where: Online from the comfort of your home