"In October I worked as a hand stitcher for a Broadway costume shop, hand sewing jewels to Rockettes costumes. If you've ever seen the Rockettes you know that's A LOT of jewels! And my hands were broken! Swollen and sore and everything hurt. I asked Csilla to help me with distance Reiki about half way through the project. It was amazing! Even though I'm in New York and she's in Oregon, I could feel my hands heat up and start to feel better. Not only did they recover faster on my days off, I made it to the end of the project and my hands no longer hurt! It was a huge improvement!

Thanks so much Csilla!"
~ Phaedra, Brooklyn, NY 

" Csilla has an amazing connection with Reiki energy.  The healings Csilla has provided me
have been very deep and uplifting, to both my body and spirit.  When she incorporates the
beautiful sounds of her instruments and voice, the healing is felt on a whole new level.
I feel very blessed to have met Csilla, and to have received the glorious healings she's
With Love and Gratitude, Cathleen"
~ Cathleen, Portland, OR

" After working with several healing modalities, from acupuncture and chiropractic to psychiatric drugs and psychotherapy, I can happily say my sessions with Csilla have been some of the most effective and enjoyable healing experiences I've had thus far.  Her journey work yields excellent results, and she is straight forward and to the point in communicating the acquired information, with an admirable ability to deliver the images, impressions, and instructions without interpretation or distortion. Her guides also have a very smooth and admirably detached style, and their work is, in my experience, effective, lasting, and the results continue to deepen as time passes. I can gladly recommend Csilla, both for her work and her generous spirit."    
~ Stephen, California

" Csilla is a very gifted healer. 

The first time I received Reiki from Csilla I was coming down with a cold.  My head was stuffy, my nose was runny and my throat hurt.  I received the treatment at home and afterwards fell into a deep and restful sleep.  When I awoke next morning my symptoms were gone.

One day when I was going to the basement I slipped and fell down several stairs landing hard and catching myself with my left hand.  My wrist felt sprained and was very painful.  Csilla immediately did Reiki on my wrist and when she finished the pain was gone. 

Recently I went to work one morning not feeling well; there has been a lot of flu going around and I felt stuffy headed, bleary eyed and mentally on half-strength.  For the first several hours I felt worse and worse but I had a lot going on and didn’t feel like I could afford to stay home.  I asked Csilla to send some distance Reiki and later noticed I was feeling so much better – alert, present and coherent.  By the time I went home I didn’t feel sick at all.

I definitely prefer Reiki in person.  I love being totally present to the nurturing and healing energy it provides.  But I am so grateful that distance Reiki is also an option for those times when I really need it but don’t have the time to see Csilla in person to receive and hands on treatment.
Thank you, Karen."
         ~ Karen, Portland, OR