Friday, January 30, 2015

Authority Circle - Your Voice Matters

Are you tired of giving away your power?
Are you tired of messages that tell you:

  • you are not good enough;
  • you need to lose weight;
  • to learn another skill; 
  • you need to serve others and not yourself;
  • if you did these "three" things your life would be richer better and you would have everything you want;
  • to be better, prettier, smarter, quieter;
  • and the list goes on and on...

Athena by Heather Soderberg

If these questions show up in your life and you want to move forward and away from them, I invite you to join me in the Authority Circle. 

When I think, feel and talk about Authority, I am in a place where I am in my wisdom, power; I have credibility to create new ceremonies, hold space for my clients and be free from my own insecurities, my own judgement. This circle is my way of saying, I am sick and tired of others pushing things on me with the message that I am not good enough, that I have to take another class to get there wherever that is, or why I haven't figured out how to earn 6 figures with my business. I am done with doubting myself. For me, this circle is about being seen as I step fully into my Authority and I say - I am powerful, I create magic, I create space for healing to unfold.

This circle has been forming for months now. It has been growing in power and strength and it is here to support you - to explore the aspects of your life that need you to step fully into your authority, into your power. The circle will hold and support your intentions of growth, self love and expansion through out the year.
I took this photo after I connected with the circle the other day.  
The power I felt  circling in my body was profound.
The circle holds so much magic and power...
Here you will be witnessed, heard, supported and loved on your journey to release the chains holding you down and claiming the YOU that was on the "back seat" until now. It is time for YOU to be in the Spotlight. Healing, change, acceptance, celebration are all part of this circle.

We will be working and exploring with the Elements, Medicine Wheel, Sound and Allies to help us on this journey of self empowerment.

The Authority Circle requires a one year commitment. You can attend the circles either in person or through e-circle format online. If you choose the in person and can't make a date, no worries, you will receive that month's e-circle program. June and December will be e-circle only with personal email guidance and an exercise created specifically for you.

We will have a closed Facebook group in which we will share our experiences, support and love between the circles.

The circle times are:
  • February 28th,
  •  March 28th, 
  • April 25th, 
  • May 23rd, 
  • June 20th no live gathering, 
  • July 25th, 
  • August 29th, 
  • September 26th, 
  • October 24th,
  •  November 28th, 
  • December 19th no live gathering, 
  • January 30th. 
The live, in person circles will gather from 1-4 pm. Please be prepared to stay longer if needed as each circle is unique. In my heart I hold the space for the circle's magic to unfold and room for it to breathe and morph into its own shape.

Registration is open until February 26th. Email to If you decide to join later in the year, you will still be asked to pay the full price as you will receive all the previous months e-programs and prompts.

The cost for the whole year is $400. If you choose a two time payment, the cost is $440. If you need to make a different payment plan please let me know so that we can find an option that will support both of us. I accept credit cards through Square and you will find the Paypal buttons in the sidebar of this blog. If you choose to pay in person, please let me know in your registration email. Thank you!

I am excited to embark on this journey with you! The circle holds magic and
beauty for all of us. I am ready to grow; hope you are too.
Looking forward to sitting in circle with YOU!