Sunday, May 19, 2013

Erasing Karma

Everything is energy - our bodies, thoughts, words, feelings, the world around us.  Relationships that we have with ourself, other fellow human beings, places, spaces, emotions - all carry energy.  The more energy we put into a relationship the bigger the energetic structure we create and depending on the energy that we put into these relationships, we create our Karma.
The Egyptian Forgiveness Ceremony* is a beautiful ceremony that addresses karma.  In this ceremony we name people, places, emotions, institutions and we cut the energetic cords to them. As we cut these cords, we release our own life force that was trapped in them and we also erase the karma connected to that relationship. Cutting the cords and retrieving your own life force from any type of relationship - good or bad - will bring a great healing for you. You will energetically be fuller, stronger, more whole and your karma will be released.
When I lead this ceremony, I take you on a guided journey with my spirit allies and together we create a beautiful  healing container for you to take charge of your own healing and name all the people, places, events, emotions, institution that hold your life force and release it. As it gets released my helpers gather it up and blow it back into you. Now you are whole again.
The hidden gem of this ceremony is that at the end you get to meet and become one with your true self - the unwounded and unwoundable self, your higher self.
I love this powerful ceremony and the healing that it brings to us. Through this ceremony we can heal and improve our past and existing relationships. We open up the door to new possibilities because we are not weighted down with our karma. We are free to create...

* The Egyptian Forgiveness Ceremony was thought by my teacher Jan Engels Smith. She received and created this ceremony over a period of 6 years.