Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soul Retrieval For Children

The belief in shamanism is that the soul is like a big jigsaw puzzle. When something stressful, painful, or traumatic happens a piece of that puzzle gets lost. The universe doesn't allow empty spaces so it fills it with the energies that are around us at that moment. If there is dis-stress around us then we will invite low frequency energies into our high frequency system. Over time the disharmony that is now happening in the body can show up as physical, mental or emotional problem.

Our children are not immune to stress or trauma. Life happens and they end up in hospital with broken limbs, asthma attack or with major dental work. Those experiences can be very stressful and traumatic for them, too. As a result, soul loss can occur. To bring them back to their wholeness and well being a soul retrieval ceremony is necessary.

In the soul retrieval ceremony, the shamanic practitioner goes into the non ordinary reality to retrieve those lost soul pieces and bring them back to the child. The practitioner also brings forth a mantra and a power animal for the child.

Young children can have a hard time lying down, relaxing and listening to the journey. So instead of working with them in person, I work with them distantly when they are asleep. This way, I know that they are fully open to receive all those soul pieces/essences back into their body.

Parents have an active role in their child's soul retrieval. They are the ones who initiate the journey, they might be the ones that say the mantra out loud so that the child can hear it and repeat it with them. They are the ones that find a representation of their child's power animal that comes in during the ceremony to work with the child on his/her healing journey and talk about it.

Soul retrieval can have a huge impact on children. Children are very sensitive and are still very connected to the universal energies. I have helped children heal from traumatic emergency dental work, hospital stay, bee stings and other painful experiences by performing a soul retrieval for them. The results were immediately obvious, speeding up the healing process.  They were again the person they were before the trauma, having no fear of the dentist, no evidence of a bee sting.

Our children deserve all the care we can give them so that they grow into their power with confidence, trust and grace.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Children and Reiki Attunements

For generations we have been taught to believe only in things that can be scientifically measured, to accept only things that we can experience with our five senses. We moved away from nature and created distance from the ability to heal ourselves and others. We don't know how to take care of our energetic body anymore.
Our children, especially young children, have the innate ability to see things around us differently. Their senses are wide open and they experience the world through their whole being. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed out your child behaves differently - they can be more clingy, fussy, act out - then when you are at peace and happy? 
A few months ago, I felt called to start teaching and attuning children to Reiki as a way of helping them deepen their relationship with their inner peace and to be of service to peace, empowering them in a way that nothing else can - healing self and others. With Reiki they can help their parents, siblings, animals, plants, grandparents to feel better and heal faster.   
Reiki is a very gentle treatment that supports deep relaxation. It can help those that struggle with bedtime and falling a sleep. It relaxes them at school, before tests and performances. 
Their imagination strengthens and opens up even wider. They learn to take care of their energy body and themselves as a whole. 
Reiki helps them realize what powerful creators they are and that they can make a difference in the world. 
There are no words to describe the expressions on their little faces when I hand out the certificates. They are proud of their achievement and eager to bring healing to everything around them...

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birthday Giveaway Winners

And the winners are:

  1.  Noraleigh Carthy - Soul Retrieval Package
  2.  Audrey Marie - Egyptian Forgiveness/Cord Cutting Ceremony
  3.  Lisa Rinaldo - Reiki Session
  4. Evelyn Mangos - Angel Reading
  5. Sonja Nedeljkov - Goddess Reading                        
Congratulation!!! I am looking forward to working with you! It is an honor to be a part of your journey!
Please contact me at to schedule your session. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Birthday Giveaway

May is my month. It is the time of possibilities, growth, love and celebration. I love the energy that swirls around us like unleashed power waiting to be harvested, used.

My birthday is approaching and as a way of giving back to my community I would like to offer these ceremonies as prizes:
  1. Soul Retrieval Ceremony
  2. Egyptian Cord Cutting/Forgiveness Ceremony
  3. Reiki Session
  4. Angel Reading
  5. Goddess reading

To enter this giveaway, please comment on this post and share it with your Facebook community. For additional entries like my Facebook Page ReikiFlow.
The winner will be selected by random on May 11th.
You can learn more about these ceremonies at