Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life Purpose

Have you pondered what your life purpose is? Have you thought about how your passions and skills might reveal the one thing that you are supposed to be doing on this Earth Walk?  Have you ever thought about how to tie them into a life-sustaining endeavor so that you can ditch your boring, meaningless, maybe even soul-crushing job? Have you read books about discovering your life purpose and your potential?
If you answered any of these questions with yes, I invite you to read on. I have asked myself these questions many times. In the last few years there has been so much hype about life purpose, not just in new age circles, but everywhere. It felt like anywhere I turned, I would find a new book, article, a workshop on how to discover my true life purpose. All that talk about life purpose sometimes made me feel like a failure because I didn't know what, exactly, my life purpose was. Let me be clear, even now, I am not aware of my one true life purpose....

I admire those who have known since they were children what they wanted to be, needed to be; and I admire the drive that stays with them for the rest of their lives; propelling them forward, fulfilling their hearts' desire. Good for them!
Well I was one of those children who didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up - too many things to learn about, observe, to get fascinated with... I have many passions, many interests.

Recently, I started working with a new energy that came after working with Reiki for a little over six years. This energy calls itself The God Connection. As I worked with it, I learned that this energy was coming through to help people with their life purpose. During these sessions, I was the channel for this energy to come through and work with the client. Sometimes the client would receive step by step instructions on how to move forward on their path. Sometimes they would get clarity around what their Earth Walk was all about. I would get glimpses of what was happening for the client in the session but the details; the instructions where only for them. After the session it would be up to the client  whether or not to share with me what they received. But the reason why I am writing about all this is because the other day, while I was holding space for a client to receive her guidance - I received information about how Life Purpose can manifest for people.
Now I share this with you - Life Purpose is not one job, one passion. It can be, for some people, but that is a small percentage of the population. For more of them it is a conglomerate of many experiences that they came to have, many ideas to be brought through into the world, many choices to make each day; they are all part of our Life Purpose. We can have many passions, many expressions of our talents and gifts. We don't need to box ourselves into finding the ONE and only. Those of us who have multiple story-lines to act out, we are not failing; we just have to work harder on our roles and bringing through all of them into this reality,
into completion. Those who have one major passion in a way are lucky, the drive is easy to recognize, respect and act on; no questions; no doubt around it.

Free yourself up and tell a new story about your life purpose/purposes. Each day is a new opportunity to fulfill your story or a part of your story. Think of it as having many blank books on your book shelf and you get to write in as many as you want. You might even start multiple books at the same time; you might start many and end up with writing only one; you might start with one and branch out into more; you might not write anything - there is a story in the blank pages too.

If you are curious, would love to connect with your inner voice on a deeper level that holds the information about your action plan - give me a call. Journeys can be easier to start when you have someone to hold the space for you.