Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Healing Children with Reiki

As a mother of two active boys, I hear a lot of: "Mommy, I hurt my head. Reiki me." or "Mommy my tummy hurts. Can you Reiki me?"
Healing children is more active then working with adults. Even when they are hurt they move their body. The easiest way to treat them is surrendering to them and following them around the house. A follow up with distant Reiki session is a must. The follow up can last a longer or shorter time depending on the child's need.
There are times when they just relax and fall asleep then I can immerse them in the Reiki light.
The impact of Reiki can be very profound and immediately visible. Sometimes it takes only a half hour to shift baby's energy field in the desired direction and sometimes it takes much longer. We are all different.
Children's sensitivity to the energies are superior to those of an adult. They still feel and see the connection between our bodies and light.   
I strongly recommend Reiki for children. They enjoy it, it's not scary like going to the doctor's office and the best of all there are no bad side effects to it.
Of course visit to the doctor can be necessary and Reiki has it place as a support too.
Teething doesn't have to be so painful; sleepless nights don't have to be an everyday reality....Reiki can help...