Clarity/Healing Session

Clarity/Healing Session

This session is for those who have journey, guided meditation experience, and are looking to move forward in their well-being; careers or businesses.
In this session you will experience an energy that calls itself the God Connection. You will be connected to this energy through a guided meditation to receive healing, clarity, message on how to conduct your business, new ideas, and more. The possibilities are endless. You are the open vessel that creates and calls forward the healing with your intention. It is important that you know how to hold a clear intention and are able to receive information throughout the session. 
I am here to hold the space, support and witness you. I am here to help you open the doors that have been closed or barely open.

What others said:

"My session with Csilla was deeply fulfilling and left me with feeling of resolute peacefulness. The energy I experienced during our session was palpable and dynamic. I was able to gain a much needed perspective into personal issue that has needed healing. It has been months since our session and I still utilize imagery from the journey I experienced during this energy work session. After our session I felt much stronger, more centered and crystal clear about my mission on Earth! Csilla has a gentle, yet powerful presence and her clear insight was invaluable to me during a challenging period in my life." ~ Erin Duffy Osswald of Earth Medicine Practice

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