Saturday, August 15, 2020

Connect With Your Guides

 In this time of a worldwide pandemic, upheaval, and emotional distress, do you feel like you are alone? Are you confused and insecure in your choices in many areas of your life? Are you looking for peace, guidance, problem-solving, and healing?

You have your own guides that can help you attain the clarity you desire! Your guides come in many different forms. They can be angels, spirit animals, ascended masters. They are here for you, to help and support you on your daily walk. When you learn how to connect and work with them, you will begin to see other possibilities and ways to respond to whatever is happening in your world. 

Do you want to learn how to connect with your guides and learn ways to enter non- ordinary reality - the safe space where your guides reside - and access healing, problem solving, and healing?

During this six hour informational and experiential call you will:

- Meet your guides and learn how to easily access them,

- Journey and achieve altered state of consciousness. This will help awaken your dormant spiritual abilities so you will have confidence in your skills.

- Learn how to listen and receive guidance when you connect to your guides. You will then begin to trust the information you receive,

- Practice receiving information specifically for you from your guides. Then you will know how to do this wherever you are,

- Practice connecting to your guides with questions for other people. This is a way that you can help in the world, especially now during these chaotic times.

- Learn how to create an altar so that you can connect more easily with your guides. An altar represent intention so you can create it in the tiniest space: a window sill, corner of counter, a tiny pouch. 

This class will take place November 7th, 2020 online through Zoom. You will receive a recording of the class that you can download for personal use. 

Register at You will receive instructions for the class upon registration.

Price: $75