Thursday, August 18, 2011


For a thousand years 
The jagged stone tumbled down the river
Toward the cold blue sea.

I continue. I walk the beaches and the sheer edges of rock by mountain streams. I sit in the shade of trees older than my dreams. Today a particular stone, granite-shaped like an egg, beckons to me. I want it for its history. I want it for its antiquity. I want it because of the unimaginable time it must have taken to arrive here, on the river bank, so close to the ocean. I want it because, being an egg-like stone, it reminds me of Mother Earth, of continuance, and of hope. I keep it for remembrance and for courage. I keep it to remind myself to continue.
~ Finding Stone
By Christin Lore Weber

Today, I am a stone, waiting for something that will shape me... I feel restless - that is the difference between us. I am not as graceful in waiting as a stone is. I should try and be more graceful. 
I know - Reiki can help me! It is so easy to forget that I have this perfect tool to help me with my feelings and the uncontrollable mind chatter. All I need to do is let it flow through me, relaxing me, guiding me to the place where I can wait gracefully for the growth and change.


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