Tuesday, September 13, 2011


When a new baby is born among the Six Nations of
the Iroquois Confederacy, the Clan Mothers welcome 
the newborn by saying: "Thank you for coming to 
our village; we hope you will stay with us."
- Katsi Cook, Mohawk Midwife from Akwesasne and a research
fellow in the American Indian Program at Cornell University
in Ithaca, New York*

What a beautiful way to welcome a baby to this world, to this community, to this family.
Sometimes we forget the bigger picture. We tend to focus on our immediate family,  our basic unit. There is nothing wrong with that... the difference is in the welcome. We welcome our baby to our family, to our lives.
When using Reiki with newborns, Reiki broadens that welcome, it brings in the loving energy of the Universe, of Mother Earth, the community and the love of the family. This deeper experience of welcome and security makes the baby feel safe. Even if your baby is premature, it is safe to use Reiki because Reki can never cause harm and it always goes where it is needed the most and it doesn't interact with any medical or other alternative treatment.
Reiki can help babies in different ways. It can help with sleep, developing and establishing healthy sleep patterns. It can help with colic and teething pain. Reiki can speed up recovery, healing and it can improve well being. Babies that receive Reiki are more alert and tend to be calmer and more relaxed.
The nice thing about Reiki is that your baby will never leave your arms to receive it and generally they need less time for healing because they are energetically still very clear and open to receiving. Usually the treatment lasts between 15 - 30 minutes sometimes a little longer; it always depends on the baby.
Babies like Reiki! Reiki nurtures and makes them feel safe in this big, wide world!

Ho! Ye Sun, Moon, Stars,
all ye that move in the
I bid you hear me!
Into our midst has come
a new life.
Consent ye, I implore!
Make its path smooth,
that it may reach the brow
of the first hill!
- Omaha prayer for infants*

* American Indian Healing Arts
by E.Barrie Kavasch and
Karen Baar

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