Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reiki Treatment a Healing Ceremony

"When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space. Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance. Time takes on a different dimension. Emotions flow more freely. The bodies of participants become filled with energy of life, and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them. All is made new; everything becomes sacred."
~ Sun Bear, Chippewa teacher and author

According to Wikipedia a ceremony is "... an event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion".  
We can also say that ceremony is a set of actions with specific intention preformed to connect participants to the spiritual energy that flows through everything in the Universe.
Reiki treatment is a healing ceremony as the Reiki practitioner connects the client and him/herself to the universal Reiki life force energy that flows through all creation. The practitioner uses symbols and prayer to connect to the higher energies and facilitate healing for the client.
Preparing for the ceremony is one of the keys to success. Those who seek healing should set an intention for it. Which means that we need to drop into our heart and see what are we ready to let go of, what are we ready to heal, what are we ready to bring into our life. It is really important that we want this healing to happen, that we really want to make a change in our life and the universe will respond accordingly.
The healing ceremony can be as small as two people or it can have more than 50 participants. If each participant has a set intention - Reiki can heal what each asked for.
All Reiki ceremonies close with us giving thanks for our powerful yet gentle healing. Coming out of the ceremony doesn't mean that it is over as Reiki will be working on you for several days to come.
Enjoy the experience of connectedness and healing. 

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