Thursday, August 15, 2013

Laughter As Medicine

In July, I went on a vision quest with the Lightsong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine. It was a profound experience, filled with prayer, healing and creating a new way of being in the world.
During that time, I received a message that we are all too serious and taking things too seriously. The spirits were saying that we need to lighten up and laugh a lot as laughter is a medicine! They were encouraging us to laugh as children laugh, with open hearts and with our whole body.

There is a lot of research going on out there on how laughter affects us and our bodies. There are data showing that laughter is stress releasing, it can boost the immune system, stimulate internal organs, help with pain relief and etc. - you can read more about it on Mayo Clinic's web site.

Sometimes it is not easy to laugh as there are so many things that weigh us down but with the help of Reiki and other energy work techniques you can release all those wounds, worries, stress and other things that are weighing you down. With Reiki you can open yourself up to laugh again as a child.

Laugh, laugh a lot and you will see the world in different colors!

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