Friday, October 17, 2014

How Full Is Your Cup?

I am not talking here about a cup of joe but the cup of joy and soulful love.
We are such a giving oriented society. Most of us, especially women and mothers, have a hard time with receiving and are very quick at giving and meeting other people's - children, spouses, friends, pets - needs. Most of the time there is a long list of people whose needs have to be taken care of before we get to ourselves and our own needs.
We are also taught that as long as we keep our cup full, there is going to be plenty for everyone. I believed it too for a long time.
Recently in a healing session, my guides asked: "Are you giving from the cup or from the saucer? You are not supposed to give from your cup. Your cup has to be full for you. You are supposed to give from your saucer."
I knew that this message wasn't just for my client. It was for all of us.
In the business of life it is easy to forget, to set aside our needs with the thought - I will get back to it later. Sometimes that later lasts a few days, weeks, sometimes even months.
I invite you to check in with yourself. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths, release the busy thoughts and bring your attention to your cup. Feel it. Is it full? What color is the light in it? Is it vibrant and sparkly? Is it dull?
Now you know how full you are.
I encourage you to take time every day to fill your cup up. It may be a walk in the park, reading a book, exercising, or energy work.
Reiki can fill and over fill your cup with vibrancy and power. After a session you are more than ready to give and receive with an open heart.
Many blessings,

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