Friday, March 13, 2015

Angel Workshop

Angel Talk
Connect and Communicate with your Guardian Angels 

Angels are beautiful beings of light that are close to us, ready to help as soon as we ask them to. Their support and love is limitless. Our relationship with Angels deepens and becomes richer with practice and listening.

This online workshop is for you if you would like to establish or deepen your communication and relationship with the Angels. You will receive emails with content on Monday and Friday of each week. The content will include instructional videos, sound recordings and journal prompts that will facilitate your connection with the Angels. We will also meet in a closed Facebook group to share our experiences and journeys with the Angels. 

In this workshop you will: 
Week One
  • Learn to connect and communicate with your guardian Angels
  • Create an altar for your guardian Angels 
  • Receive guidance from your guardians
   Week Two
  • Meet Archangel Michael 
  • Learn how he can help you 
  • Learn how to receive guidance for someone else in the group
     Week Three
  • Meet Archangel Raphael
  • Receive Angel healing 
  • Establish daily practice
Workshop starts on April 6th, 2015.

Workshop fee: $45

To register email me at and I will send you an invoice or you can purchase it here. The PayPal button is in the sidebar of this blog.

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