Monday, March 28, 2011

Toxic Thoughts?

We all think about Japan these days. We pray for them, we send Reiki to them in hope that it will help the people and nature that were struck with the disaster.
But do we stop and consider what are our thoughts when we think of the Japenese people? A lot of the time our first responses when we hear of natural disasters are fear, sadness for the people in trouble and thinking about their pain and loss. We never think about the possibility that these kinds of thoughts can hurt those people even more. Those thoughts are toxic. They have low vibration and they bring down the energy field of those who are already suffering.
I am not saying that we shouldn't feel sad and compassionate;  I am saying that we should become more aware of our thoughts and change the energy behind those that would drag others down.
All we want is to help them, to lift them up and our thoughts can do that.
For example, when I think about the suffering people in Japan I think of them as strong survivors who are going to heal and thrive. When I think this way I send them positive energy and I lift the vibration of their energy field. The higher vibration of the energy field the faster the healing occurs.
So lets stop for a second and think about our learned thought patterns and if they don't serve us and others - change them. This way you make a big difference for all of us.

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