Friday, May 20, 2011

Stop Smoking

At some point in time, most of us had to face how hard it was to stop smoking. All the different approaches, patches, friends and family support - all this to stop an addiction. And just when you thought that smoking was part of the past something happens and you find yourself buying a new pack of smokes or it is just too hard to withstand the call.
Reiki can help. It's not a miraculous cure, it's hard work but it works.
The way Reiki can help you is that it works on your mind and attitude. Using the psychological sign the practitioner can work on you in a way that will be gentle yet effective. In this manner Reiki helps you change your attitude towards smoking; helps you choose a healthy alternative to it; your interest shifts. It depends on you too, you have to want the change, you have to put in some work too. That is the reason why I say that it is hard work.
All you have to do is really really want the change and with Reiki it will happen.

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