Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stressed Out?

We get up, make breakfast, realize that there are only couple of minutes left before we have to go so we throw everything in the car and dash off. At work the meetings take longer than we thought, the deadline for a project is looming around the corner, we think about picking up our children, helping with homework, deciding what to have for dinner, preparing the lunch boxes, the list can go forever...
Suddenly there is a little bit of time to relax but we can't because our shoulders are so tight, this overwhelming feeling of go go go just won't let us take some deep breaths and we act like a tiger in a cage - pacing around and around waiting for something to happen. Welcome. You have arrived at the state of "fight and flight". The longer we stay in this state the more impact it has on our body and mind. And this prolonged "fight and flight" state the doctors call stress.
The 5 principles of Reiki are a good foundation for living a stress free life as is a regular Reiki treatment. But to give you some tools to combat stress here are the Reiki principles:

     1. Just For Today Do Not Anger.
     2. Just For Today Do Not Worry.
     3. Just For Today Be Kind.
     4. Just For Today Be Grateful.
     5. Just For Today Do Your Best.
Pretty simple yet so powerful. They eliminate the negativity and bring out the best in us.
Reiki treatment is one of the best things for releasing stress. I find it very relaxing, I don't have to do anything just make myself comfortable, close my eyes, breathe and stay still. It is amazing to me how peaceful, relaxed and happy I feel after a treatment.
Try it  - it's like acupuncture but without needles.

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