Friday, July 22, 2011

Walking On Fire

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Firewalk ceremony. The thought of it came and went out of my mind just like a breeze on a nice summer day. Then last week it got stuck in my head and I decided to check out the website and see what a Firewalk is all about.
To my pleasant surprise, I learned that the Firewalk ceremony consists of three different ceremonies.
The first ceremony is the Gratitude ceremony in which you express gratitude to God, Great Spirit, Universe, Life Force for all the gifts that it showers on you every day.  
The second ceremony is the Talisman ceremony in which you throw your talisman in the fire and send your prayers through the smoke up to the Universe.
The third one is the Firewalking ceremony in which you walk across hot coals. Hmm, well...I don't think so.
I found the first two ceremonies interesting and I was curious and willing to participate in them but when it came to the Firewalk I thought to myself no thank you, I will just watch....
Saturday came and I was ready for it, I mean I was ready for the Gratitude ceremony with my prayer ties and for the Talisman ceremony with the talisman that I made myself. Still, I felt really nervous....
I got to the land and pretty soon we started building the fire. We placed our gratitude offerings in it. The fire was beautiful, big and hot, powerful. We sat around it in quiet and peace.
The Talisman ceremony was empowering and liberating. I threw my talisman and with it my fears and dreams in the fire. Fears are supposed to leave me and the dreams are supposed to come easily in my life.
We feasted and chatted while we were waiting for the fire to burn down and leave us with some nice hot coals for walking. At that time, I was still determined that I would just watch them all cross but then Karen Hefner, the leader of the ceremony said that we should all come up to the fire and ask if it is time for us to walk. After a few people walked on the coals without hurting themselves I decided to step up and ask the fire if I should walk. I did but the answer I felt was no. I felt relieved. So I was standing there cheering for all of those who crossed when suddenly I felt this push to go and I did.
I put my first foot on the coals and was expecting heat but no, it was barley warm. I put my other foot on the coals, nothing, no burns, no heat... I crossed. My mind couldn't believe it. It just couldn't believe that something that was supposed to be so hot was not even warm.
It was amazing! I felt high...
I still couldn't believe that I did it!
When I got home and took of my shoes and socks there was the only visible evidence of my experience - my sooty black feet...
In the next few days, I still felt the power of the ceremony, especially the release of things that didn't serve me any more. It was intense but it was what I prayed for.
In my eyes, this experience justified one more time that there is so much more to life than our five senses and science....

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