Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trapped Emotions

Emotions shape our life. Sometimes we are up so high, sometimes we are down and sometimes our day is an emotional roller coaster.
Emotions are vibrations of energy. Our positive emotions like love, joy, happiness have high vibrations and the effect of those high vibrations are the reason why they feel so good. When we hold up this kind of energy we are healthy, our body and mind work like a well oiled machine. But when we feel stressed out, angry, fearful or anxious we bring down our vibrations to match the low frequency of these emotions. If these states last long enough we might see that our body will be more prone to illness or allergies can develop.
At times when we feel these negative emotions very strongly they can get trapped in our body too. They get trapped because in that point of time we are not able to process them and let go of them so they get lodged in a certain area of the body. It can happen anywhere but usually they get trapped where our immune system is weaker.
Usually, none of us are aware that we have trapped emotions. So we go on for years with it and that trapped emotion emanates its low vibrations in our body and eventually it will start causing health issues.
The good news is, Dr. Bradley Nelson developed a way of releasing those trapped emotions. He describes the whole process and how you can do it in his book The Emotion Code also you can check it out at He had great results with it.
I tried it and have to say that it works. After releasing one or more emotions at a time, I felt that in the next few days I was going through a period of adjustment. Also I felt like those released emotions didn't have as strong hold on me on the psychological level. I felt better on so many levels.
I encourage you to try it. You  can do it yourself or  if you are short on time you can always call me.
It's healthy, it's fun and you can learn more about yourself.

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