Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Have you ever entered a room or a house and felt like something heavy was in the air or like something was off? Usually you can't pinpoint that feeling to anything physical yet that feeling of discomfort is there.

When we occupy a space, we leave energy footprints in it. Our houses witness our joys and sorrows. So it is easy to have energies with lower vibration get trapped in our space... Just like with cleaning our homes, bathroom, sinks with nature friendly cleaners, it is important to clean energies from our homes that are not serving us.
Last summer we bought a new house. We loved the house but it had heavy energy. The first cleaning I did before moving in was a good Reiki swab. I went through all the rooms and cleared the space with loving energy and embedded it with the Reiki symbols. I still do that periodically after illness, stress or just because it feels like it needs some clean up.
There are other ways to clean the energy of the house, like burning sage with the intention to clear away everything that is not supporting you; having a priest bless your house; a clearing ceremony; using Feng Shui principles; letting lots of fresh air in every day; prayer. Countless possibilities, but my favorite ones are the Reiki blessing and burning sage.
When I use Reiki to clear and bless the space I can feel how it changes the flow of energy in the room. I can feel it clear away the things that were left behind by the previous owners. I can feel it clear away the things that we leave behind, like washing muddy footprints from a white carpet.
It feels great having clean space. We all notice it. There is more peace, less struggle; more joy, less sadness; simply living in a harmony.

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