Thursday, March 29, 2012


I love Spring - the time of year when everything is waking up, coming back to life after a long period of hibernation. Just like the first daffodils that came up, parts of myself are coming back to life, too.
If you tune into nature you will feel the energy rushing up, the explosion of new light, the strength of the seed that shoots up into plant. In the same way, I feel the energy of the Earth coming up and exploding in me. My body feels rejuvenated and ready for physical activities, exercises; my brain works at a different speed; my soul sings a joyful song at the crack of dawn.
Nature sings its wake up song and we happily respond.
This is how I feel every spring:

"As each year unfolds
we weave more of the
miracle and wonder
of who we are into
the fabric of life...
... and all of life benefits."
~ From an original design
on hand died fabric
by Janet Tyers

Every spring, after the period of hibernation, I feel like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; something beautiful emerges and that beauty shines on all of us.
Reiki helps me see all the colors of nature in a more vibrant and joyful way and appreciate the life cycles even more.


  1. Exactly! Like taking your first breath as you surface from a cave - like hearing a bird sing for the first time in forever - and Like a first kiss - every spring.
    Beautifully expressed Csilla!

    1. Thank you Joonbug! I really like your comparison to first kiss!
      May you walk in beauty.