Friday, June 24, 2011


Everybody has secrets...Reiki practitioners have secrets too. 
Reiki symbols.
Reiki symbols are sacred and they are supposed to be kept confidential. The symbols add to the strength and versatility of the Reiki energy. To use the symbols you have to be attuned to them.
Some of the symbols are: The Power Symbol, The Mental/Emotional Symbol and The Distant Healing Symbol.
The Power Symbol calls on the higher power to heal. It is used to increase the power of Reiki or to focus Reiki on specific location. Also, it is used to seal the space around a person to prevent the healing energies from leaking away. The power symbol can be used to clear the room from energies that are not beneficial. 
The Mental/Emotional Symbol is used in emotional and mental healing. It balances the left and the right sides of the brain. This way it can bring peace and harmony. It is very useful for healing relationship problems. It can also be used to heal addictions as well as problems with weight loss or smoking. The mental/emotional symbol  can be used to improve memory.
The Distant Healing Symbol is used to send Reiki to others at distance. It can also be used to bridge time and send Reiki to future or to the past. This way you can empower yourself for important events or you can treat past traumas.
Now you know the little tricks we have up in our sleeves.

                                             Modern Reiki Symbol                                                                                                             

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