Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It is time to say goodbye to another year and welcome the new one. Welcome the unwritten pages of new opportunities, experiences, places, people - new life.Starting a new year is always so exciting. Here is this big book with clean pages; no writing or scribbles in it; we decide what to write in it, which way the plot should turn, what changes to make... so exciting.
So I take out my vision board and start putting up ideas and pictures of places, things that I want to bring in my life this year. I love the endless possibilities and playing with the imagination, dreams.
Then the next step is setting an intention for the upcoming year - what a challenge... Every year,  I set my intention in an achievable way - not too high, not too low. Since I started practicing Reiki my bar went up - with help everything is easier to reach. Reiki helps strengthen our will power and focus in the right direction.
I also like to participate in the Burning Bowl ceremony to release all the things that don't serve me any more and bring in more desired qualities...
At the beginning, I like to think that I know how my life will unfold even if that is not 100% true. I just know that taking that first step is easier if I can rely on my dreams, intentions and imagination...
Happy, bountiful journey in this new 2012!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words!
    May this year be filled with love and appreciation!
    Love and light...