Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reiki Meets Shamanic Sound Healing

When I started down the energy medicine path, I have never dreamed that I would be using my voice as a healing tool.
It all started with the song practices for the Lightson School of Shamanic Studies. During that time I had a realization: I like singing and it feels like it doesn't really matter how good I am at it. To my surprise, others think that my voice sounds very nice and I get a lot of compliments. We are talking about serious confidence booster here. I mean before I would go to the desert to sing just to make sure that no one could hear me....
One thing led to another and I found myself in the Shamanic Sound Healing class with my teacher Dr. Lauri Shainsky. I wasn't really sure why I was there but it felt right, it felt like my heart wanted to be there and it was amazing. I grew a lot. This class opened the doors to sound and songs for me and I am deeply thankful for the teachings.
Still the sound didn't come easily to me... it came but it had a hard time getting out of my mouth until...
One day I had a friend come for a Reiki treatment but she was also curious about the sound healing - she wanted to try it out. So what was I supposed to do? Of course I said yes even though my solar plexus was twitching from sudden energy surge. I called in the spirits, Reiki and the symbols and I set to work. After some time channeling Reiki, I felt a song energy coming in and I started singing - my heart was in it and I felt it sweep through my body and out to my friend. Things changed for her and for me, too.
I realized that when Reiki and Shamanic Sound Healing are used together that they are a very potent and powerful vessel for healing. I cherish this time of discovery, growth and expansion.
Are you ready to grow with me?

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