Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joy and Reiki

"The measure of my success
is my joy."
"The amount of joy you have
allowed yourself to experience
is the greatest indicator 
of your allowance of Energy and success.
Whenever you are feeling good,
you are an enormous ( successful)
~ The Teachings of Abraham
Well - Being Cards
Esther and Jerry Hicks

Living in joy feels like walking on clouds - everything is amazing, the colors are more vivid and there is ease and peace in all that I do.
We all experience this state of joy. Yet for one reason or another we lose our connection to the source of joy at times. Reiki can help you reconnect with it. As Reiki moves and clears the energetic blocks in the body it brings openness and allowance for higher vibrational energies, like joy, to fill the body and mind.
Are you ready to allow yourself to live in joy? Experience Reiki.

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