Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reiki All The Time

Reiki is a life force energy. At times it feels gentle and quiet; sometimes it feels strong and rushing; but it always feels transforming. Reiki transforms physical, mental or emotional issues, clearing away the blocks so energy can flow freely in our body and aura.

When we experience Reiki, we relax and surrender to the healing that it brings. You can choose between long distance or in person Reiki to enjoy the benefits that it brings to you and to your surroundings. You can also choose to imbue your favorite piece of jewelry with Reiki and have it emanate this beautiful energy throughout the day. Imagine having a healing all day long; imagine your body drinking up that high vibration.  It is also possible to imbue an object with Reiki energy for a specific purpose. For example if you would like to have an office that always feels positive and calm you can have something like a picture frame or a vase that you keep in your office imbued with Reiki and it would emanate that energy into your space. In the same way you can make your home cozier. Just choose an object that you want to have around and have it imbued with Reiki. If it is connected to the Reiki grid it will emanate this beautiful energy for a lifetime.
If you are ready to change your surroundings or just simply enjoy the constant flow of Reiki in your body, please go to Offers for more information.

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