Sunday, March 24, 2013

Children, Dentists, Reiki

As a mother of two boys, I have my fair share of dentist visits. Check ups, broken teeth emergency appointments, pulling out teeth... we've seen it all. Some of these visits were easy and some of them were nerve racking, especially before I started using Reiki for each trip to the dentist.
My older son had a very traumatic experience when he was just a toddler and ever since he has been afraid of the dentist. It doesn't matter that the new dentist is the nicest one on earth, he just hasn't wanted to cooperate... until I started using Reiki.
One day when we were getting ready for the dreaded check up, I realized that I can send Reiki ahead of time to wait for my son and start working on him when we are there. That experience was life changing. He allowed the dentist to "tickle"- clean his teeth, they took x-rays - we were on a roll!
Each time we return, it gets a little better, the dentist gets to do a little more.

Recently, I worked with a 4 year old who had an emergency root canal and they did it without putting him under. You can just imagine how he felt while they had to hold him down so that the dentist could successfully finish the procedure. His mom contacted me immediately after it and I recommended a soul retrieval and Reiki. The Soul retrieval ceremony* was beautiful. It brought back to the little one all the soul essences that he lost because of the stressful event and Reiki nurtured him and sped up the healing. A week later they had to go back and he was just fine, no fear, no screaming, no resentment. He sat in the chair, let the dentist look at his teeth - the whole experience was smooth and easy.

Reiki can make yours and your child's medical and dental experience so much easier and less stressful.  It calms, nurtures and helps you heal faster.

*If you would like to know more about Soul Retrieval please read Soul Retrieval.


  1. Being a good parent is not an easy task. There's a lot more to keeping your kids healthy than just feeding them the right food and making sure that they get enough exercise. You have to find good pediatric dentists and doctors and schedule regular checkups, to make sure that they stay healthy and grow well.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. You are right when you say that it is not easy to be a good parent. so many things to consider - constantly. I also agree that it is important to find good dentist and doctors but sometimes they can be great for other children and not work out for your own child... Our first dentist was highly recommended to us by several close friends yet our boy had a terrible experience. Our new dentist is just amazing with him. I feel very blessed to have her on his team of doctors. Now he is on his journey to heal and regain trust and I believe that Reiki helps with the process.