Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Children, Reiki, Animals

At the age of three, my younger son, Attila, played that he was going to a Reiki school. He would put his hands on me and tell me that he was "Reiki"-ing me.
Both of my boys like receiving Reiki - when they are hurt, don't feel well, before bedtime or just because they feel like it. At one point both of them wanted to learn how to give Reiki and my heart sang with joy! A week later, we sat down and I told them a short story about Reiki and Dr. Usui, then explained the attunement process and what they needed to do. It was a challenge to keep a three year old from getting up or asking questions in the middle of it all - but we finished successfully. Both of them got attuned to the first level of Reiki which meant that they could heal themselves and help others, too.
On the days when I am not at home and someone gets hurt my older son, Tibor, is the healer. He puts his hands on the body part in need and asks for healing. Attila, on the other hand, didn't want to give Reiki. He just wanted to receive it until... Until we got a puppy, Padme, who had surgery before we got her.
One afternoon I was watching Attila and the puppy lying next to him. He had both of his hands on her tummy. The puppy lay still for quite some time and then suddenly turned around. Attila was not happy and he kept telling her to turn back. I asked him why is it so important to him that the puppy lay on her back and he said indignantly - "So that I can Reiki her!"
It was amazing to me that he intuitively knew what she needed! And Padme loved it. I don't even have to say that her wound healed very nicely under the hands of her Reiki healer.
Animals love the gentle and loving energy of Reiki. They immediately notice the changes and improvements that happen in their body and they will let you know when they've had enough.  You can also attune your pet to Reiki. Your pets sense when you don't feel well and they can treat you to some Reiki.
Whether you are a two or a four legged, a plant or a tree - we can all benefit from Reiki, the loving energy of the creator. Whether you use it for stress reduction, pain relief or letting go of old wounds, Reiki promotes well being and balance.

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